IT Helpdesk System - SOP

Standard Operating Procedure

SOP Title: IT Helpdesk System
Purpose: This document should be used by the Employees when they face any IT related issue to raise and track support ticket with IT Helpdesk System.

Procedure steps
1. Open in Google Chrome
2. Click on “IT HELPDESK” Button
3. Click on “Create Ticket” Button
4. Fill Ticket Request Form
a. Enter your full name
b. Enter your official mail id
c. Select type of your request from drop down box
i. Hardware Support
ii. Microsoft Office Support
iii. Microsoft Windows Support
iv. Network Support
v. Printer Support
vi. Software Support
vii. Others d. Enter summary of the issue in the “Subject” field e. Describe the issue with details in Message box
f. Attach images/documents related to the issue if any by clicking the “Add Attachment” button
g. Click on the “Submit” button to raise the ticket
5. Email Confirmation
a. You will receive a confirmation mail with your ticket number.
b. You will receive a mail to create your account (First time users only)
6. Bring your ticket number to IT to have your issue resolved.


Best regards,
Faizan Ahmed
IT Department.

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